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Artists, builders, therapists, shop owners, entrepreneurs - this one's for you.


If you'd like to engage better with clients and expand your audience, a personal branding shoot is an essential tool for branding and marketing.


It will help your audience get to know and trust you by showing what makes you and your business unique and personable. Take a look further down this page to see examples of personal branding shoots.

A special discount offered for businesses and people working within social and environmental sustainability sectors. 

Branding for Business

Jasmine the Foraging Guide

Jasmin Blackmoore, otherwise knows as @the_adhd_forager . With a fountain of botanical knowledge Jas has a deep connection to wild spaces and plant life. She shares this through educational foraging courses and workshops which she offers on Cornwall. These shots were taken while wandering through woodlands off the beaten track in south Cornwall and words below are her own while talking about her passion. 

“I grew up in Wales and moved to Cornwall when i was 15 and still live here now. I forage for my wellbeing- connecting to nature resets my nervous system after a stressful day.

What motivates me is being able to put food on my plate for free. I'm inspired by the incredibly delicious diversity of flavours you can find while foraging.

My top tip is buy a bunch of different foraging books- cross referencing is so important. When I'm learning about a new plant or fungi, I'm checking several different sources before I even consider putting it on my plate. There are many great free resources online too. Learn about what's not edible just as much as what is. It sounds daunting but there's so much fun and discovery along the way!” - Jas

Billy Dingley the Surf Board Shaper

Billy Dingley is known in Cornwall for his glossy, dare I say perfect, surfboards. It was a priveledge to meet and shoot such a hardworking and talented craftsperson. 

Some words from Billy while we were shooting: ‘I feel proud walking down the beach with a surfboard that I've made and surfing on one of my boards. [it’s also] cool to see my boards out being surfed! 

Follow your heart and do what you want to do. Not just what's cool or what everyone else is doing. If you do what you want, it will be unique.’

To read more about Billy, check out the article by Han Fisher in collaboration with Classics77 here. 

Gorse The Bakery & Cafe

Gorse Bakery and Cafe can be found on the outskirts of Newquay and is best known for their excellent selection of freshly made breads, pastries and coffees. 

Ed West Surf & Motorsports Photographer